QMC Program

Program Content

main.F the main program, reads input, writes output etc.
param.dat files with parameters (described in Fortram codes explained)
lib_four.F Fourier transformation subroutines
lib_init.F initializing routine:creates matsubara and imaginary time grid
lib_math.F auxilary routines like matrix covertions, mixing, etc.
lib_qmc.F core QMC program
inp sample input file for `physical' parameters 
(temperature, Interaction, number of sweeps, etc)
g0init sample init file, containing an initial choice of G0(tau)

The general structure of output filenames is the following (by example):

G0tau1_b16_3.00i_m 0.00 : G0(tau) for beta=16, U=3.00, i = insulating case (m-metallic), m = minus (p=plus) sign of the chemicalpotential.
G0tau1_b16_3.00i_m 0.00 G0(tau)
Gtau1_b16_3.00i_m 0.00 Green's function G(tau)
g0init_b16_3.00i_m 0.00 for a new initial guess, like g0init.ins
greenw0_b16_3.00i_m 0.00 G0(omega)
greenw_b16_3.00i_m 0.00 G(omega)
moments_b16_3.00i_m 0.00 moments and double accupancy information
sigma_b16_3.00i_m 0.00 the self-energy on matsubara

 Running the program, compile, etc.

compile & link make (plz adjust compile location line)
execute the program

nohup ./main > main.scr & (for a single CPU).

Check with you local computer manager how to run MPI codes.

 Program source

You can download  the codes from the download section.
To gunzip or untar use the following commands :
gunzip  mbqmc.tar.gz
tar -xvf mbqmc.tar

Last update @ April 15, 2004