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A Dynamical Mean-Field Theory (DMFT) code

LISA (Local Impurity Self-consistent Approximation) is a project aimed at developing software for solving strongly correlated electrons problems with DMFT and its extensions. Its main characteristics are :
  • Object-oriented, reusable, and parallelized code for various DMFT schemes and solvers.
  • Designed to be simple enough for the uninitiated, yet sophisticated enough to solve cutting edge electronic structure problems.
  • LISA is associated with the Reviews of Modern Physics article "Electronic Structure Calculations with Dynamical Mean-Field Theory: A Spectral Density Functional Approach" by G. Kotliar, S. Y. Savrasov, K. Haule, V. S. Oudovenko, O. Parcollet, C.A. Marianetti. (cond-mat 0511085).
  • LISA is largely a project in development. At present, only a standard QMC solver is provided but its structure is aimed to incorporate a large variety of impurity solvers in the next future.