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Running program

The following information is printed by executing the program:

[... |] hilbert file1 [file2] [-m int] [-sr int] [-si int] [-n 0|1] [-mu double]
Options:   file1    file containing the density of states
           file2    file containing a complex function
           -m       Column number of mesh (1)
           -sr      Column number of real part of Sigma (4)
           -si      Column number of imaginary part of Sigma (5)
           -ga      Column number of Spectral function (2)
           -i       Inverse hilbert transform (gives Delta from A00) default=0
           -mu      Chemical potential
           If file2 is ommited, standard input is used instead

Options are self-explanatory. To run program in subdirectory run there are two files:
1) ``run_hilbert" for direct Hilbert transformation and
2) ``run_hilbert_inv" for inverse Hilbert transformation.

Victor Oudovenko 2005-02-01